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The Mallorca Country Club seamlessly combines the tradition of grass court tennis with modern lifestyle. A state-of-the-art sports facility which gives grass court tennis a home in the south of Europe.

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Club House

Feel free to come by the venue to get a guided tour from our charming staff around the tennis grounds. Experience our offers besides racket sports, as the club is considered the perfect location for business lunches, summer BBQs, live concerts, charity events, movie nights, wine tastings, food truck festivals, parties, as well as a spot to host private and corporate events. 

Especially for racket sport enthusiasts we are offering every tennis surface (grass, clay and hard courts), the trend sport padel, top shelf coaching as well as innovative physical therapy and wellbeing treatments. After exhausting tennis matches, the club welcomes you to jump into our outdoor pool or helps you regenerate in our 300 sqm gym with a cardio area and an area for functional and personal training. Furthermore, we would like to invite you to our magnificent restaurant to taste the healthy fusion cuisine, all of this within a stunning landscape and garden areas. We offer gourmet breakfasts, weekly menus, dinner and a get together Sunday brunch.

The meaning
of our club

"A club is a haven of refuge and accord, in a world torn by strife and discord
A club is a place where kindred spirits gather to have fun and make friends
A club is a place of courtesy, good breeding and good manners
A club is a place for camaraderie, merriment, good will, and good cheer.
It humbles the mighty, draws out the timid and casts out the sorehead
A club is one of the noblest inventions of mankind”

Mallorca Country Club

Our Facilities

The facility of the Mallorca Country Club is the only one in Europe with all 3 tennis surfaces.

Among them, the Wimbledon grass courts, which offer a unique experience.

More specifically the club offers:
6 grass courts
5 clay courts
1 hard court
3 padel courts

*All illuminated for night play. The center court is perfectly equipped for tournaments.


by Danilo baletic
Born in Titograd in 1992, Danilo is currently a student of the faculty of the arts at UDG (University Donja Gorica).
He held the title of the Balkan and European champion in Karate. Being a fan of comics and Counter-Strike, he developed a strong interest and liking in toys which transform from cars into warriors.In 2012, Danilo created his first Transformer out of metal waste called “Transformers Rammtron” for the Ecological Festival in Durmitor, Montenegro; on the theme of Environmental Protection.Wasteland became a place where he continues to create art. His inspiration is human relation with comfort and consumer mentality and social values.
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