by Danilo baletic
mallorca country club


Born in Titograd in 1992, Danilo is currently a student of the faculty of the arts at UDG (University Donja Gorica). He held the title of the Balkan and European champion in Karate. Being a fan of comics and Counter-Strike, he developed a strong interest and liking in toys which transform from cars into warriors.In 2012, Danilo created his first Transformer out of metal waste called “Transformers Rammtron” for the Ecological Festival in Durmitor, Montenegro; on the theme of Environmental Protection.Wasteland became a place where he continues to create art. His inspiration is human relation with comfort and consumer mentality and social values.

Danilo states that “All human necessities end up being wasted. I have to admit that the scenery at the junk yard is not pretty. You can see a huge human demand for comfort that is consumed in a short period of time and then scrapped as junk. Humankind is not aware of its consumption of resources and is rather focused on their daily desires. Humans have lost all faith, hope and stability and become separated from nature. Maybe the only solution is to put on our favorite superhero costume and make the needed change we want to see.”

During the following 5 years, Danilo made 20 Transformers sculptures from waste metal, spanning from 2 to 15 meters tall.The Transformers sculptures were displayed in the main city squares of Podgorica, Belgrade, Osijek, Zadar and Zagreb.In 2016, “Baha Fine Art Gallery” became the proud owner of all his sculptures, resulting in the Transformers sculptures being affirmed internationally.
Baha Fine Art Gallery organized an exhibition in Milan at the museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo DaVinci”. The exhibition lasted for 6 months, according to the museum’s management, it was the most visited exhibition in the last 15 years.
From Milan, the Transformers were moved to Graz to the museum of Arnold Schwarzenegger where they continue their mission: the transformation of humanity’s consciousness towards the planet Earth.

Ecology awareness is essential if we want to save the planet from ourselves. Recycling, as well as the primary form of consciousness, is available to everyone.
Recycling is an inspiration and a way of expression for many artists. Conceptually, the essential idea of recycling is transformation. Loss of personality is the hallmark of modern man, and therefore the loss of awareness of his surroundings. In waste, we can see the overall state of a country, as well as our attitude towards comfort, consumerism and social values. The concept of this form of expression is the idea that revives waste.
Through a creative approach, the waste is transformed into objects with usage value. With the creation, the artist transforms himself (through long and hard work) as well as the work itself (from waste materials to sculpture). The transformation of waste is going to transform the spirit. Through daily contact with a huge amount of various wastes, the artist examines habits of man and consumer awareness. Due to the increasing desire for comfort, we are exhausting natural resources and polluting our environment.
This type of artistic expression should inspire us to participate in the preservation of nature. Everyone can transform themselves and the world around them in their own way.


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